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Four Reasons Why Video Is A Must For Your Business


21% of video viewers make purchases. 26% visit the store and 21% request more information. With results like these, a professional-quality video is a vital tool to showcase your company’s products and services. Study after study confirms that a well-crafted video converts shoppers into customers much more effectively than any other form of online content.


A well-optimized video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results. As more customers find you online, your video can have a major impact on your growth. And it won’t just raise your search results game — users are more likely to ask questions, make a purchase, or visit your location after seeing your business in action.


60% of online audiences watch videos  — But only 3% of sites offer video content. Use this disconnect to your advantage! Instead of forcing your online visitors to muddle through pages and pages of text and images, let us streamline your products and services into a video format. It will visually engage your customers and separate you from the pack.


Every successful business owner understands the importance of relationships. Allowing potential customers to know, like and trust you is one of the cornerstones of your future success. A professionally produced video truly humanizes your business and enables viewers a better sense of who you are, the passion you have for your business and why they should invest in your products and services.